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OpenBSD Fondation


Quelle surprise ce matin en découvrant dans mes mails et dans mes fils l’annonce de la création de l’OpenBSD Fondation.

Je n’avais aucune connaissance de la création de cette fondation. Mais c’est bien, c’est bon pour le futur d’OpenBSD et de tout les projets qui en découle: OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD et OpenCVS (que j’attend avec impatience !).

Voici l’annonce faite sur les listes OpenBSD:

The OpenBSD Foundation is pleased to announce today it has completed its organization as a Canadian federal non-profit corporation and is ready for public interaction.

The OpenBSD Foundation has been formed for the purpose of supporting the OpenBSD project, and related projects such as OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, and OpenCVS.

In particular it will act as a single point of contact for persons and organizations requiring a legal entity to deal with when they wish to support OpenBSD in any way.

The OpenBSD Foundation will initially concentrate on facilitating larger donations of equipment, funds, documentation and resources. Small scale donations should continue to be submitted through the existing mechanisms.

Que dire de plus si ce n’est: Longue vie à OpenBSD !

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